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Thank you for your continued support of the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand Summer Concert Series!


Celebrating FREE performances since 1963!

General Rules and Requirement for Our Audience

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all audience members and performers during bandstand performances, we kindly request that everyone adheres to the following rules:

Please refrain from allowing children or adults to climb or stand on any part of the bandstand, including steps, railings, ramps, and stairs, before, during, and after performances.

Please avoid reserving seats early or for absent family or friends. We politely request that attendees of our shows reserve seats only for members of their group who are temporarily absent due to restroom breaks, food purchases, or other short-term activities. Leaving personal items unattended on benches or in the general area is undertaken at one’s own risk, and the City of Rehoboth, its staff, or other bandstand visitors are not responsible for personal property. We ask that all visitors to the bandstand work together to allow everyone to enjoy the free entertainment while attending our shows.

Please do not smoke while seated in the main audience sections (white benches). The City of Rehoboth Beach smoking ban went into effect on May 15, 2014. The smoking ban includes the beach (except for up to 20 areas on the beach designated as smoking permitted areas which will be clearly marked), the Boardwalk, the Bandstand Plaza, City parks, and the street ends adjoining the Boardwalk. Signage is in place to delineate the designated smoking areas. For more information regarding this ordinance, please visit the City of Rehoboth website here:

Please be mindful of other audience members while taking photos, videos, or other media during the performance. Avoid standing directly in front of other audience members, and please do not obstruct their view.

Please watch your step during the performance, as there may be electrical cords and other peripherals in the area. Refrain from stepping, standing, or pulling on any cords, and alert personnel if you need assistance moving them.

Please do not bring alcoholic beverages to the bandstand.

To minimize distractions, please limit your cell phone use during the performance. If necessary, please keep your phone on vibrate or silent mode and move to the areas at the rear or sides of the seated area to make or receive phone calls.

Rehoboth Beach Bandstand