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About the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand FAQ’s

What is the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand?

The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand is a music and entertainment venue located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand Summer Concert Series takes place every year from mid-June through Labor Day Weekend and has been providing FREE entertainment for Rehoboth Beach and its visitors since 1963! Each year, over 40 bands are selected to perform in an open-air concert venue just steps from the beach. The goal of the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand is to provide entertainment through music, movies, variety acts, and other local, regional, and national performances.

Set lengths usually run from 75-90 minutes, all beginning at 8pm, Friday-Sunday. Almost all music genres are allowed, however material must be of a family-friendly nature (i.e., lyrics must be clean). All concerts are sponsored by the City of Rehoboth Beach or individual sponsors. To qualify for a performance, please visit our information page.

When do the performances run?

Performances run roughly from the middle of June until Labor Day. There are a few performances before and after these dates, however they are mainly festivals and local activities and not associated with the Summer Concert Series.

How long do the performances run/What time do the performances run?

Most performances run for about 75 minutes. The starting time for almost all of the acts is 8pm, and most will conclude around 9:15pm, some extending until 9:30pm. If there are variations to this timeframe, it will be noted on the schedule.

Why are there no performances on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday?

Performances run exclusively on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This is made as an attempt to keep consistency when visiting the bandstand, as well as conserving funds to have higher quality performances on dates that contain shows. By keeping performances limited (3 days a week), we are able to book acts that require a higher financial obligation and hopefully provide a more exciting time at the bandstand.

How much does it cost to attend/Where do I buy tickets?

Performances are supported by the City of Rehoboth Beach and do not require advanced tickets. All performances are FREE to the general public to enjoy throughout the summer months!

How do I get to the bandstand (directions)?

The bandstand is located at the end of Rehoboth Avenue, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. For GPS purposes, please use:

1 Rehoboth Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Rules and Procedure FAQ’s

What COVID-19 safety protocols are in place?

Given the current restrictions, we recognize the importance of assisting the State of Delaware as well as the Division of Public Health and will work to ensure the safety of the performers, audience, general workers, and contractors attending our performances.

In order to properly provide a safe and enjoyable venue for everyone involved in our performances, the City of Rehoboth Beach has posted a list of COVID-19 protocols on our rules page.

Is smoking allowed around the bandstand area?

The City of Rehoboth Beach smoking ban went into effect on May 15, 2014. The smoking ban includes the beach (except for up to 20 areas on the beach designated as smoking permitted areas which will be clearly marked), the Boardwalk, the Bandstand Plaza, City parks, and the street ends adjoining the Boardwalk. Signage is in place to delineate the designated smoking areas. For more information regarding this ordinance, please visit the City of Rehoboth website here:

How do I find out if a performances is canceled?

Almost all notices of cancellations will be available through social media. When we cancel performances, there may not be an outgoing message on the bandstand phone line (302-644-2288). Decisions on performances are made as late as safely possible. In addition, the front page of this website will display a noticeable graphic depicting the cancellation (depending on the cancellation time and our ability to update the website in time).

Why do we cancel performances because of weather?

We cancel performances as late as we can during the day, but to allow performers enough time to make calls to all involved and eliminate the possibility of performers traveling to the venue only to turn back around without a show. We do our best to make EVERY POSSIBLE recommendation with the weather, however it is difficult to foresee what may occur. Sometimes the weather will clear up by show time, however when scheduling around wet audience seats, dangerous and wet surfaces around the stage, and the possibility of electric shock, we take many factors into account when making the final decision.

Please keep in mind as weather patterns change and we make our final ‘predictions,’ we need a MINIMUM of 4 hours of dry weather to allow for setup, performance, and breakdown…not simply dry conditions at 8pm.

Are there any rain dates for missed performances?

As of now, there are no rain dates available.

General FAQ’s

What is the real name of the bandstand?

The original name of the bandstand is the “Rehoboth Beach Memorial Bandstand”. This has been adapted over the years, as the site is still dedicated to war veterans, however performances are not geared for, but still feature, military groups.

What is the history of the bandstand?

For a detailed history of the bandstand, please click here.

Why aren’t there speakers facing the ocean?

We don’t have speakers facing the ocean for a few reasons. One, it is too difficult to monitor the sound quality coming from the back of the bandstand. Two, to be fair to all businesses, it is the goal of the bandstand to be a fun and enjoyable concert venue for the audience, however we do not want to interfere with the daily activities of businesses in the area. By having sound overtake the entire block, we would make operation at the many walkup windows throughout the first block difficult for adjoining businesses. Three, we take great pride in the appearance of the bandstand and would like to have the audience view all of the concert from the most beautiful location. Four, it would be too difficult for the performers to face all directions, as this would be deemed a ‘theater-in-the-round’ type of venue. When setting up for the shows, it is important for the performers to know which way is the best angle to face the audience, and toward the seats yields the best results.

Is there any parking for patrons to the bandstand?

Unfortunately, since this venue is in the center of town and located in the middle of the main avenue, there is no parking for patrons specific to the bandstand. However, the location lends itself to many places within a short walking distance from the many streets of Rehoboth Beach.

If you are a performer, you may park within the two indentions labeled for drop-offs and deliveries on either side of the bandstand. There are spots for up to 6 cars on each side that may assist you in performance parking after 6pm daily. However, overflow from these spots must be used in regularly assigned metered parking spots throughout town.

Booking the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand FAQ’s

Can the Rehoboth Bandstand be used for weddings or private events?

At this time, the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand is not available for private events of any kind.

When do you start booking?

Booking may be any time during the year. Some performers may be booked immediately, while others may be booked just prior to the summer months. Booking is dependent on many factors including available dates, budgeting constraints, or weather contingencies.

Who do I contact to perform on the bandstand?

We are ONLY accepting Electronic Press Kits (EPK’s, websites with music samples, etc.). Please ensure all necessary information listed on our Performer Information page is included when sending correspondence. You may submit your application online by writing to: [email protected]

Please do NOT use our contact form in order to submit your applications.

Or, if you need additional correspondence, you may write to:

Rehoboth Beach Bandstand
c/o City of Rehoboth Beach
229 Rehoboth Avenue
PO Box 1163
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

How do performers get paid, and what’s a normal price?

Performers may receive compensation from the City of Rehoboth Beach. Each event is city sponsored and comes out of the operating budget for the City of Rehoboth Beach. There is no ‘normal price’ for a group. Each group arrives with different needs and accommodations. If you are requesting to perform on the bandstand, it would be best to also provide an approximate monetary value that would allow your group to perform in the time and dates of the performance that make sense for your group.

What are the cutoff times/rain policies?

Cutoff times for performances are generally 2pm, however this may change to a time much closer to the scheduled performance when necessary. This time is made available due to the understanding that performers traveling from outside areas may need additional time to cancel traveling expenses and/or arrangements that were made in order to commit to a Rehoboth Beach Bandstand performance. The most current schedule information will be provided on this website.

What type of shows do you allow?

An attempt is made to include all types of entertainment at the bandstand. This may include jazz, military, blues, soul, rock, classic rock, orchestra, concert band, choir, performing arts, comedy, children’s’ shows, etc. All types of entertainment deemed appropriate for an outside venue viewable to an audience of every age may be considered.

What do you not allow?

The City of Rehoboth Beach acknowledges that there are some acts that, although may be warranted for private events, are not appropriate at our venue. Each act that is hired is carefully considered in order to provide a safe environment for all audience members.

What is the minimum age for performing?

There really is not a minimum age to perform, however there must be an adult sponsoring the event and remain with the performers at all times in order to maintain safety for all individuals, both on stage and off.

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