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What is the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand?

The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand is a music and entertainment venue located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand Summer Concert Series takes place every year from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend and has been providing FREE entertainment for Rehoboth Beach and its visitors since 1963! Each year, over 40 bands are selected to perform in an open-air concert venue just steps from the beach. The goal of the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand is to provide entertainment through music, movies, variety acts, and other local, regional, and national performances.

The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand is not just a venue for entertainment, it is also a cultural and historical landmark. The Bandstand is a source of pride for the community and has been a staple of Rehoboth Beach for decades. Thousands of visitors and residents have fond memories of attending concerts and events at the Bandstand and it continues to be a popular destination for generations of families.

Whether you are a local resident or a visiting tourist, the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun and memorable experience in Rehoboth Beach.

When do the performances run?

The Summer Concert Series typically spans from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend, with a handful of exceptions for festivals and local events that are not directly related to the series and occur before or after these dates.

What time do the performances run and how long?

The majority of performances in the series have a duration of approximately 75 minutes. The starting time for all acts is 8pm, with most concluding around 9:15pm, though some may run as late as 9:30pm. Any deviations from this schedule will be indicated on the schedule.

How much does it cost to attend?

Performances are sponsored by the City of Rehoboth Beach and do not require advanced tickets. All performances are FREE to the general public to enjoy throughout the summer months!

Why are there no performances on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday?

In order to ensure a regular schedule and prioritize high-quality shows, the bandstand performances take place exclusively on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. By restricting the number of performance days to three per week, we are able to allocate our funds towards booking acts that demand a greater financial investment, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for our audience.

How do I get to the bandstand (directions)?

The bandstand is located at the end of Rehoboth Avenue, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. For GPS purposes, please use:

1 Rehoboth Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

How do I find out if a performance is canceled?

Our social media accounts are the primary platform for announcing cancellations of performances. Please note that there will be no outgoing message on the bandstand information phone line in case of a cancellation. Our top priority is to ensure the safety of everyone involved, while also making the decision regarding cancellations as late as possible. Depending on the timing of the cancellation and our ability to make immediate updates, a noticeable graphic displaying the cancellation will also be featured on this website.

Why do we cancel performances because of weather?

Our goal is to cancel performances as late in the day as possible, but also allow performers enough time to inform all parties involved and to avoid unnecessary travel. While we strive to anticipate weather conditions, it can be difficult to predict them with complete accuracy. In making the final decision, we take into account several factors such as wet seating areas, slippery surfaces near the stage, and the risk of electric shock, even if the weather improves by showtime.

It’s worth noting that our ability to forecast weather conditions can vary as weather patterns shift, and we require a minimum of four hours of dry weather to accommodate setup, performance, and breakdown—not just dry weather conditions at 8pm.

What are the cutoff times/rain policies?

The usual cutoff time for performances is 2pm, but it may be adjusted closer to the scheduled performance as needed. This allows performers who are traveling from outside the area to have sufficient time to cancel their travel plans and arrangements, if necessary. The latest schedule information will always be available on this website or on our social media.

Are there any rain dates for missed performances?

Sorry, but there are no rain dates available.


Can we reserve or save seats for the performances?

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. We politely request that attendees of our shows reserve seats only for members of their group who are temporarily absent due to restroom breaks, food purchases, or other short-term activities. Leaving personal items unattended on benches or in the general area is undertaken at one’s own risk, and the City of Rehoboth, its staff, or other bandstand visitors are not responsible for personal property.

We ask that all visitors to the bandstand work together to allow everyone to enjoy the free entertainment while attending our shows.

Can we bring our own chairs to the bandstand to enjoy the performances?

The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand provides free seating for an audience capacity of approximately 400-500 individuals in the bandstand’s designated seating area. Additional viewing areas are located around the bench seating and, given the style and shape of our stage, offer an equally clear view of the performances.

Although bringing personal seating is permitted, it may not always be necessary. If you choose to bring your own seating, please be mindful not to obstruct aisle-ways or block the view of fellow spectators.

Is the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand is fully accessible for individuals with disabilities. The bandstand is equipped with ramps and sidewalk access to ensure easy and convenient accessibility for individuals using wheelchairs or with mobility challenges. Near the bandstand area, there are a variety of designated parking spaces available in close proximity to accommodate individuals with specific accessibility needs.

Is alcohol permitted at the bandstand?

The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand is an outdoor venue that is open to the public. To maintain a family-friendly atmosphere and ensure the safety of all attendees, including children and non-drinking adults, alcoholic beverages are not permitted while enjoying the entertainment provided on our stage. Additionally, the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand respects the local laws and regulations surrounding the consumption of alcohol in public spaces.

Is smoking allowed around the bandstand area?

The City of Rehoboth Beach smoking ban went into effect on May 15, 2014. The smoking ban includes the beach (except for up to 20 areas on the beach designated as smoking permitted areas which will be clearly marked), the Boardwalk, the Bandstand Plaza, City parks, and the street ends adjoining the Boardwalk. Signage is in place to delineate the designated smoking areas. For more information regarding this ordinance, please visit the City of Rehoboth website here:

Is there any parking for patrons to the bandstand?

Unfortunately, there is no designated parking lot available for bandstand patrons since it is situated in the heart of Rehoboth Beach along the main avenue. However, there are numerous locations within a short walking distance accessible from various streets in the area. Our patrons typically opt to bring their own vehicles and utilize the numerous metered parking spaces scattered throughout the city or make use of public transportation based on their preference.

Performers are allowed to park in the two indentions assigned for drop-offs and deliveries on either side of the bandstand. These spaces can accommodate up to 6 vehicles on each side and are available for performer parking after 4pm on performance days. However, in the event of an overflow, regularly assigned metered parking spots throughout town must be utilized.


What is the real name of the bandstand?

The bandstand was originally named the “Rehoboth Beach Veterans Memorial Bandstand.”  While the site still remains dedicated to veterans, the concerts and performances are not specifically catered towards military groups. However, you will find numerous military groups still featured in many Summer Concert Series programs.

What is the history of the bandstand?

For a detailed history of the bandstand, please click here.

Why aren’t there speakers facing the ocean?

There are various reasons why we have decided not to install permanent speakers facing the ocean. Firstly, it is challenging to monitor the sound quality from the rear of the bandstand. Secondly, we strive to create a pleasant concert environment for the audience while also ensuring that the daily activities of nearby businesses are not disturbed. If the sound were to spread across the entire block, it could interfere with the operations of the numerous walk-up windows in the vicinity. Thirdly, we take pride in the appearance of the bandstand and want to provide the audience with an excellent view of the performance from the front of the stage. Lastly, having performers face all directions could make it challenging to determine the ideal angle to face the audience, as facing the seats produces the best results. Therefore, it is vital for performers to know which direction to face when setting up for shows.


When do you start booking?

Booking for the bandstand can occur at any time of the year. While some performers may be booked right away, others may only be booked shortly before the summer months. The timing of the booking is influenced by several factors, such as available dates, budgetary considerations, and weather contingencies.

Who do I contact to perform on the bandstand?

We are ONLY accepting Electronic Press Kits (EPK’s, websites with music samples, etc.). Please ensure all necessary information listed on our Performer Information page is included when sending correspondence. You may submit your application online by writing to: [email protected]

Please do NOT use our contact form in order to submit your applications.

Or, if you need additional correspondence, you may write to:

Rehoboth Beach Bandstand
c/o City of Rehoboth Beach
229 Rehoboth Avenue
PO Box 1163
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

How do performers get paid, and what’s a normal price?

Performers at the bandstand may be compensated by the City of Rehoboth Beach. Since each event is sponsored by the city and comes from its operating budget, there is no set price for performers. Each group has different requirements and accommodations, so it is recommended that those requesting to perform also provide an estimated compensation that would enable their group to perform on the desired dates and times.

What type of performances do you allow?

We strive to offer a diverse range of entertainment at the bandstand, encompassing various genres such as jazz, military, blues, soul, rock, classic rock, orchestra, concert band, choir, performing arts, comedy, children’s shows, and more. We welcome all forms of entertainment that are suitable for an outdoor venue and can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

What types of performances do you not allow?

The City of Rehoboth Beach recognizes that certain performances that may be suitable for private events may not be appropriate for our public venue. Therefore, every act that is selected is carefully evaluated to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all members of the audience.

What is the minimum age for performing?

There is no specific minimum age requirement for performers, but for safety purposes, an adult must sponsor the event and be present at all times to supervise the performers on and off stage.

Can the Rehoboth Bandstand be used for weddings or private events?

At this time, the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand is not available for private events of any kind.

Rehoboth Beach Bandstand